Kitten Casualty has made its return with the remastered edition. A game carefully designed to put your friendships to the test in an all out battle to be the last man standing. Traditional board and card games have always been too big and hard to travel with.

Kitten Casualty’s game box is designed to be small and compact, it fits in your pocket perfectly

when your on the go. The game-play is strategic, having more than one way to win.

The deck is stacked with action cards that bring nothing but chaos in stopping

those trying to reach their goals. So what are the ways to win the game?

The aim is to collect and table 10 kittens to sacrifice to the Dark Overlord.

Once achieved a player can obtain his powers and eliminate another player from the game. Throughout the deck their are also 5 rare kitten lord pieces.

Obtain them all to summon the god among kittens vanquishing your chosen rival.

The game plays 2-5 players and is highly addictive for a quick 10+ minute game.





On the 11th of August 2017, we launched the

first edition of Kitten Casualty to the world on

Kickstarter, and the response was incredible!

With the game 127% funded in four weeks and our community fan base growing at a steady pace,

we are pleased to say that our idea of this awesome strategic and engaging card game, is now a reality.